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Mysterious “Weaponized” Virus Sweeps World As Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die

In Shock Move, Russia Labels US “One Party State” After Democratic Party Suicided

President Trump-PewDiePie Alliance Shakes Globalist World To Its Very Core

Hollywood Icon Robert De Nero Rushes To Trump After CIA Kills Top Autism Expert

FBI Sweep Puts US Media In Terror As Trump Prepares To Jail Top Reporters

Trump “Shadow Move” Of General Michael Flynn To Feared Spy Agency Rattles Russia

Feared US District Attorney Advocates Charging Former President Obama With Treason

Trump Rushes CIA Medal To Saudi Prince Who Exposed US State Department Islamic Spy Ring

Largest “Whale Sentinel” Beaching In Human History Prompts Russian Navy Evacuation

Trump Readies Massive Drone Strikes On Mexico As “Forces Of Death” Against Him Unite

Trump Prepares 30 Million Man Army After California-China Plot To Destroy America Exposed

American Elites Stunned After French Leader Le Pen Storms To Defense Of Trump

Russia Warns “Battle of Avdiivka” Is Spark Being Used To Ignite World War III

Feared Knights Templar “Assassins” Reported Now Activated To Aid Trump

Trump Stunningly Brings War To Vatican Doorstep As Global Apocalypse Nears

 ABC News Reporter Martha Raddatz Warned Faces Death For Treason After Killing Of US Soldier

“Wrath Of Trump” Warned Ready To Descend Upon “Shadow Government”

Massive Global Cataclysm That Destroyed Britain Ignites New American Civil War

Final Battle For The World Begins: But Will Trumpian Forces Unite?


Psychological Warfare & Subversion: Cultural Marxism, Islamism and Feminism



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 “Conspiracy theorists concentrate their time on transmuting the "base matter" of current events, official stories, propaganda and public relations into the gleaming golden truth buried within. They do this through the very right-brained activity of uncovering and inventing connections between disparate elements.

They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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American 2017 Death Toll Update: (as of 20 February)    6 Americans Killed By Terror    181 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                                                     7 American Police Murdered       0 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2016 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 2,202     Americans Killed By Terror: 108

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State?



Top World News Now                  

February 20, 2017



United States

Trump Proposal Would Deport More Immigrants Immediately

Trump's revised travel ban targets same 7 Muslim-majority countries

Senior Trump National Security Council appointee Craig Deare fired after critical comments

Who's Really Behind The Soft-Coup? Obama-Founded Activist Group Offers Anti-Trump Protest "Guide"

Up to 2 million non-citizens illegally registered to vote in the US

Visualizing The Stunning Truth About How Students Are Spending Loan Cash

As the FBI set its sights on Flynn, its agents were consulting with “Obama advisers”

The FBI Is Pursuing Three Separate Probes Into "Russian Hacking" Of The Elections

Senior National Security Council Aide Fired After Criticizing Trump

John McCain blasts Trump in Munich speech

Authorities 'strongly encourage' House members to review security plans before week of town halls




Putin orders Russia to recognize documents issued in rebel-held east Ukraine

Russia-Belarus rift grows as Putin loses patience

Putin says Russian, U.S. intelligence agencies should restore ties

Lavrov: Russia Seeks 'Post-West' World Order, Pragmatic U.S. Ties

Lavrov invites West to present facts Russia participates in cyberattacks

Kremlin says conclusions on Russian-US relations could be drawn after leaders meet

Kremlin Refutes Claims Russian Media Were Recommended to Write Less About Trump

Normandy Four Ministers to discuss ways to resolve Ukrainian conflict in Munich

Russia Announces Another Ceasefire Deal With Ukraine Amid Tensions With West

Ukraine foreign minister not happy with ceasefire talks

Ukraine’s war-torn Donetsk commemorates 2nd ‘anniversary’ of Minsk agreements



Xi Jinping, Argentina's Macri exchange congratulations on anniversary of ties

U.S. deploys carrier to contentious South China Sea

China Holds Massive Military Rallies in Xinjiang After Spate of Violence

North Korea Kim Jong-nam killing: Malaysia recalls Pyongyang envoy

North Korean officials are preparing to come to U.S. for talks with former officials

Moment of Kim Jong-nam ‘assassination’ captured on security camera

Worshippers defy Thai police at Buddhist temple

Xi calls for overall national security outlook

China says policies unaffected by Donald Trump's plan to bring factories back to US

Malaysia police arrest fourth suspect in killing of Kim Jong Nam

China suspends North Korean coal imports, striking at regime’s financial lifeline



United Kingdom           

Not So Fast: EU's Juncker Says Brexit Negotiations to Last Beyond Two Years

‘No red carpet’: London mayor insists on denying ‘cruel’ Trump state visit

Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes 'covered up by the Establishment'

Theresa May tells Donald Trump she is looking forward to his state visit as she rejects petition to revoke the invitation

Theresa May turns down EU’s 60th anniversary bash

Britain Follows EU – New Espionage Act Treats Whistleblowers and Journalists as Spies

Fears over UK jobs as General Motors mulls sale of Vauxhall to Peugeot owner

Theresa May ‘used porn star to liven up her image & chatted over coffee’

Theresa May handed 50,000-strong petition condemning closure of child refugee programme



European Union

Terror fears on the slopes: Jihadis could bomb Alps ski resorts

US Radiation Spotter Team Deployed To Europe After Mystery Spike In Radioactive Iodine Levels

‘Take them in!’ Massive Barcelona march urges Madrid to welcome refugees

Far-right Wilders targets ’Moroccan scum’ in his election campaign launch in the Netherlands

Trump Party: Italian Politician Borrows President’s Name

Greek Bank Run Re-accelerates: Massive Deposit Withdrawals Despite Capital Controls

Italy seeks to reverse anti-Russian sanctions, return to G8 format

Anti-Islam Wilders frontrunner as Dutch election campaign begins

Tired of Free Riders? Pentagon Chief Presents European Allies With an Ultimatum




Angela Merkel says Europe must take MORE refugees and Islam 'isn't source of terror'

Germans Exhausted With Merkel, Set For Defeat

4,000 police for 1,500 protesters: Anti-NATO activists rally at Munich Security Conference

‘Forced to strip & pole dance’: New details emerge of sadistic abuses at elite German military base

Migration Commission says migrants should be given voting right before naturalization

Swiss police arrest asylum seeker linked to murder of German refugee worker

Maritim Hotel faces backlash over AfD Cologne congress

Merkel Cancels Summit With Israel After Controversial Settlement Vote

US military helicopters arrive in Germany amid NATO buildup in E. Europe





Le Pen is only French presidential candidate guaranteed place in final round

French Election Wide Open After the Weekend Everyone Stumbled

WikiLeaks Releases Documents On Alleged CIA Spying On French Presidential Candidates

Paris Erupts In Violence: Many Streets Are No-Go Zones As Five Suburbs In Flames

Someone Will Make A $100 Million Profit If Le Pen Wins

Latest poll shows Le Pen soaring ahead in first round of voting

Le Pen Calls Rioters Scum as Violence Roils Paris Suburbs

Le Pen Lures French Farmers Angered by Worst Crisis in Decades

Emmanuel Macron Steps Into France’s Political Void



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

‘Blackwater Air’ Is Back, and Flying for U.S. Special Forces

Iraq Starts Offensive to Retake Western Mosul From ISIS

Dozens of IS militants killed in bombardment, clashes in Iraq's Mosul

Islamic State claims responsibility for blast that kills more than 70 at Sufi shrine in Pakistan

Assad says Trump’s order banning Syrian refugees 'targets terrorists'

Stoltenberg rules out NATO's involvement in combat operations against IS in Syria

US admits using toxic depleted uranium against ISIS in Syria

ISIS vs. al-Qaeda: Islamist Rebel Factions Clash in Northern Syria

US Not Coordinating Strikes in Palmyra With Russia Amid Anti-Daesh Advancement



Interesting Developments

1 million penguins descend on Argentina in spectacular scene

This Week The ‘Arch Of Baal’ Was Displayed For The Third Time In Honor Of ‘The World Government Summit’

The Washington Post Actually Takes Russian Government Money (Unlike The Websites It Helped Slander)

30 million people dead in a year: Bill Gates warns of potential bioterrorism dangers in next 15 years

Could your Fitbit data be used to deny you health insurance?

"It's Unfair" - Hispanic Workers Upset After Being Fired For Absence On "Day Without Immigrants"

British troops in Estonia issued with strip club guide

Is the US Air Force's X-37B space plane finally set to land after secret two year mission?

Twitter’s New Tool to Crack Down on Politically Incorrect Language

The Mystery Of Wikileaks’ Cryptic “Vault 7”: Do You Know What This Means?




Obama Administration reveals failed Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative in bid to discredit Netanyahu

Palestinians support Trump’s call for Israeli settlements ‘pullback’, wary of ‘one state’ idea

Palestinians in East Jerusalem battle for their homes

PLO decides to head to UN Security Council against Israeli settlement expansion

‘We see eye-to-eye’: Netanyahu enthusiastic on his way to Washington to meet Trump

IS claims rocket fire at Israel resort from Egypt

Israeli Rights Groups Move to Strike Down Settlement Law

Abbas says could end security cooperation over Israeli settlements push

Netanyahu urges all ‘responsible nations’ to sanction Iran, during protest-hit UK visit




Erdoğan blasts credit rating agencies: ‘What is the referendum to you?’

Car bomb in Turkey's southeast kills child, wounds 17

President Erdoğan to talk on phone with US President Trump

PM Yıldırım says constitutional amendments opposition in same boat as terror-supporting HDP

Ankara mayor says foreign powers performing ‘earthquake tests’ near Istanbul to destroy economy

Merkel visits Erdogan ahead of Turkish constitutional referendum

With détente in full force, Turkey to send ministers to Israel

Turkey puts Gulen, 269 others on trial

‘Dozens’ of Turkish Soldiers Go AWOL in Germany




Twenty-five Dead in Machete Massacre in Eastern Congo DRC

Egypt's parliament approves cabinet reshuffle

Saudi Lobbyists Recruiting Veterans to Kill 9/11 Lawsuit

Kenya declares drought a national disaster

IBM to Train 25 Million Africans for Free to Build Workforce

Scuffles erupt in South African parliament after opposition MPs insult President Zuma

Starbucks in Saudi Arabia Refuses to Serve Women

Saudi Arabia Intensifies Crackdown on Writers, Activists

Bahrain Shiite opposition loses appeal against dissolution




Iran to Stage Military Drills in Defiance of US Sanctions

Security forces have arrested eight hardline Sunni Islamists suspected of planning attacks

Iran Celebrates Its Revolution, and Thanks Some Americans

Supreme Leader 'Thanks' Trump for Showing America’s 'True Face'

Iran fires another missile from launch pad

Iran pulls missile from launchpad after apparent prep for launch

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi: Recent Missile Test Not a ‘Message’ to Trump

National Security Commission: Only seven minutes needed for the Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv




'I don't want problems' with Trump, says Maduro

Results of Ecuador's presidential vote may mean change in status for Assange

Maduro says he wants CNN out of country just days after report on passports, visas being sold in Iraq

US To Sanction Venezuelan VP For Being "Drug Kingpin" As Socialist Utopia Resorts To Eating Flamingoes

Food and medicine shortages weren’t bad enough. Now Venezuelans can’t even get passports.

Maduro Looks to Pope Francis to Restart Dialogue with Opposition

Delcy Rodriguez Considers the Attempt to Overthrow Maduro a Failure

Venezuela, Russia cement ties during high-profile Moscow meetings




Temer digs in ahead of corruption time-bomb

Over 100 dead in Brazil as police strike spurs anarchy

Where in the World is Toledo? Peru Asks for Help in Search for Fugitive Leader

Temer taps political ally for top court amid graft probe

Argentina's Macri Makes Deporting Criminal Foreigners Easier, Triggering Leftist Uproar

Temer sends 200 troops to state torn by violence due to police strike

Bachelet Says Cataclysmic Chile Wildfires Are Largely Under Control

Brazil swings to the right, setting the stage for a Trump-like leader




Prominent Citizens to Urge Illegals to Clog US Immigration Courts

U.S.-bound Cubans stranded in Mexico say they are victims of extortion and more

Senator Threatens War on US Corn Because of Trump

Three teens arrested after 15 year old girl is killed in suspected satanic ritual which saw her stabbed in eye with a broomstick

Presidential Hopeful Obrador Wins Support With Trump Stance

Drug lord 'H2' dramatically machine-gunned to death by a Mexican Air Force helicopter in a violent firefight

Nieto: AP Claims That Trump Threatened to Send in US Military a ‘Downright Lie’

Mexican Official Threatens to Combat President Trump By “Unleashing Drug Cartels”




Cuba wants more babies, so it's giving parental leave to grandparents, too

Haitians Demand WH Aide’s Head for Sabotaging Trump

Raul Castro joins "March of Torches" Commemoration of Jose Marti

New Puerto Rico governor signs fiscal emergency law

Raul Castro says US new administration’s plans put at risk Latin American interests

Obama signs agreements opening gulf to Cuba drilling, partnering on cleanups

Cuba-U.S. ties uncertain under Trump

US-Cuba detente supporters make last-ditch effort to sway Trump

Puerto Rican terrorist among prisoners freed by Obama



United Nations

UN warns Lebanese president not to arm Hezbollah

U.N. names new head of peace-keeping operations

Wind of Change: Russia, US to 'Closely Cooperate' Within UN Framework

UN says team attacked on Nigeria-Cameroon border, 5 dead

Gorbachev asks UN to pass resolution on inadmissibility of nuclear warfare

World Food Program Halves Food Rations for Displaced Iraqis as Funds Run Out

WHO on 'High-Alert' Over New Outbreaks of Bird Flu

US exit from United Nations could become reality with fresh bill

Alarmed at archeological destruction in Syria's Palmyra, UN Security Council reiterates need to stamp out hatred and violence espoused by ISIL




Another robot just broke down investigating Fukushima’s record high radiation levels

Abe: North Korea Medium-Range Missile Launch ‘Absolutely Intolerable’

Why Abe Is So Nervous Ahead Of His Meeting With Trump

Japan-based F-35 stealth fighters begin 1st training drills near Okinawa, stirring public fears

Record radiation level detected inside damaged Fukushima reactor

Japan Will Invest Its Pensions In US Infrastructure To Create "Hundreds Of Thousands Of US Jobs"

Fukushima Cleanup Uncovers Possible Melted Radioactive Fuel At Nuclear Plant Reactor

First Ever: ‘Pacifist’ Japan Launches Military Communications Satellite

Japan scrambles fighter jets to intercept Russian bombers




Indian Navy Learning to Combat Chinese Submarines in Major Drill

India successfully test-fires interceptor missile off Odisha coast

Survey Claims Economy Will Rebound in 2017, Pushes for Universal Basic Income

Mag 5.6 earthquake hits northern India


At Least 2 Killed, Several Injured in Blast in Pakistani Peshawar

Pakistan roughs up a US thinktank for adverse report

Explosion in Northwestern Pakistan Kills at Least 25, Wounds 87

Pakistan Won’t Release Doctor Who Helped Hunt Down Bin Laden




Bill Shorten pledges not to call Malcolm Turnbull names for political gain

Australia uneasy over Chinese influence in PNG amid increasing infrastructure investment

Brutal heat bears down on Australia

Towns in central NSW ordered to evacuate as fires rage in unprecedented heat

Hundreds more whales beach selves in New Zealand

Turnbull to give frank advice to Donald Trump privately

Philippine communist leader seeks renewed peace talks with Duterte

Death toll rises to 15 in Philippine earthquake, hundreds injured

"As Catholics we hang our heads in shame" -  One in 14 Catholic priests accused of abuse in Australia







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