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Putin Slams America For Its Treatment Of Trump While FBI Director Warns Of Mighty Test To Come

Trump Launches Landmark Attack Plan To End Abortion In America Forever By Proving God Exists

CIA Creates Las Vegas Massacre “Reality Show” As Shooters Info Leads To Takedown Of ISIS Leaders

Deadly Car Bomb Blast Follows US Warning To Russia That “America Is On The Brink”

Attack On FBI Convoy In Las Vegas Leaves 3 Dead As Wikileaks “Bombshell” Prepares To Explode

Russia Issues Feared “Firebird-Gray Wolf” Order Against US As Syrian War Endgame Nears

Critical Las Vegas Massacre Witness Found Dead As “Area 51” Warned Was True Target, Not Concert

CIA Director Issues Cryptic Warning After Las Vegas Massacre Security Guard Witness Disappears

Sorcha Faal Responds To Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Las Vegas "Hit Piece" Article

Las Vegas Massacre Declared “Tipping Point” As Russia Orders Nuclear Forces To Full Alert

Shocking Discovery Reveals George Soros Made $73 Million From Las Vegas Massacre

9/11 Playbook Followed For Las Vegas Massacre, Including 16 September MI5 Warning

Shock Discovery Reveals White House Given One Week Warning Of Las Vegas Massacre

Las Vegas Massacre Witness Kills Self And Daughter After FBI Raid—As Missing Piglets Search Continues

Trump Warns America Is In “Calm Before The Storm” As Links Between Las Vegas Shooter And CIA Grow

Russian Mafia Link To Las Vegas Massacre Confirmed As Stephen Paddock Accomplice Captured

Russia Identifies Las Vegas Shooter As CIA Arms Pilot As Israel Probes Stolen Weapons Flight To Nevada

Horrific “Pyramid Sacrifice” Massacre In Las Vegas Warned Is Chilling Message To Trump

World’s First Internet War Leaves Hundreds Bloodied On The Streets Of Spain

FBI Director Stunningly Tells Russia: “We Are No Longer Functional”

America Is In A Zero-Sum Game—Pick Your Tribe And Arm Yourself


The Revival of Christianity in Russia



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They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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American 2017 Death Toll Update: (as of 20 October)    68 Americans Killed By Terror    957 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                                                     46 American Police Murdered       16 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2016 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 2,202     Americans Killed By Terror: 108

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State?


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Top World News Now                  

October 20, 2017



United States

Trump: Russian Uranium Deal "Is The Biggest Story That Fake Media Doesn't Want To Follow"

Great Again: Fewest US jobs claims made since 1973

Kelly defends Trump’s call to Gold Star widow

Deep State Has No Party Politics - George W. Bush comes out of retirement to throw shade at Trump

US consulting firm with ties to the Clintons lobbied on behalf of Russia's nuclear giant

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell Slams Media Blackout of Clinton-Uranium Scandal

Biden Urges Obama Holdovers to Stay Put

Mandalay Bay owner insisted security guard Campos appears ONLY on Ellen and not be grilled by TV hardhitters

Moody's Says Hartford CT Could Default On Its Debt As Soon As Next Month

Arizona Cop Heading to Trial for Killing Unarmed Man Claims it Would be “Unfair” to Show Jury Body Cam Footage of Shooting Death

Native American Tribes Set to Continue Fight Against Keystone XL Pipeline




‘We gave you uranium, you repaid us by bombing Belgrade’: Putin slams US over nuclear treaties

Putin: Moscow will respond immediately if Washington moves against Russian media

Putin regrets that disrespect shown for Trump in US

Putin refers to the Torah, states that technologies and science cannot completely replace basic traditional values

Putin extends decree of salary cuts for himself, other top Russian officials

Lavrov: Claims About Russia's Possible Meddling in Swedish Elections Ridiculous

Communists in talks with ‘patriotic forces’ to propose single candidate for 2018 presidential race

Rosneft enters oil pipeline infrastructure project in Iraq’s Kurdistan

MH17 investigators make appeal after Ukraine missile photo

Ukraine passes long-delayed health reforms praised by West

Ukrainian heiress, 20, kills five people when she crashed into pedestrians at high speed after ‘jumping red light’



‘Xi Jinping thought’: China’s leader given own political theory in power show on par with Mao

Xi Jinping's War On Poverty Moves Millions Of Chinese Off The Farm

People Can't Stop Playing This Game That Lets You Clap for Chinese President Xi Jinping

North Korea threatens an ‘unimaginable strike' on the US

North Korea warns threats a 'big miscalculation' in letter to Australia lawmakers

North Korea could be obliterated by ballistic missiles – Seoul plots end of Kim's regime

New H7N9 bird flu strain in China has pandemic potential

Workers at iPhone supplier in China protest unpaid bonuses

China’s giant combat robot braces for upcoming fight with robots from US, Japan

Taiwan Calls for New Cross-Strait Relations After Xi’s Strong Speech

Myanmar fire guts iconic Yangon hotel Kandawgyi Palace



United Kingdom           

May appeals to EU leaders to signal movement in Brexit talks

Theresa May to meet Bill Clinton to discuss Northern Ireland political crisis

EU leaders aim to let Theresa May down gently over trade talks

Theresa May plans to let people change gender without medical checks

Neo-Nazi leader quits movement after coming out as gay & revealing he’s Jewish

UK Firm linked to Yanukovych son bypasses transparency law

UK banks linked to money laundering in South Africa

World's first floating wind farm starts generating electricity off the coast of Scotland

Northern Ireland's two most senior police officers under investigation for misconduct in public office and criminality



European Union

Spain says it will impose direct rule on Catalan region after deadline passes

Bank Run Imminent? Catalan Separatists Urge Supporters To Pull Cash From Bank

Spain and Catalonia set for showdown over independence bid

Catalonia to press ahead with independence if Madrid suspends autonomy

Sweden bomb: Powerful explosion heard at entrance to Helsingborg police station

Austria’s Kurz Vows Zero Tolerance on Anti-Semitism

EU leaders to call for end to North Korea's weapons program

PM praises Italy's migrant policy as U.N. cites humanitarian crisis

Italian Businesses Consider Anti-Russian Sanctions 'Erroneous'




Merkel shock U-turn? German leader has ‘absolutely no doubts’ about a ‘successful’ Brexit

Pilots grounded amid investigation into 'fly-around maneuver' in Germany

Merkel: EU to cut aid to Turkey over democratic backsliding

FDP leader says Merkel's CDU must relinquish finance ministry

Germany suspends training of Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq

Swiss officials launch Qatar World Cup bribery investigation

Merkel's party loses election in German state of Lower Saxony

Angela Merkel denies major damage after conservatives' local election loss

Germany Drafts Outline of EU-U.K. Ties Post-Brexit




Macron Seeks to Lead EU-Tehran Diplomacy as US Derailing Iran Nuclear Deal

France approves restrictive anti-terrorism law to replace 2-year state of emergency

10 held in probe of alleged far-right terror plot

Amid Outrage Over a Rape Scandal, France Has Its Own 'Me Too' Moment

Macron: France to deport all criminal undocumented migrants

Macron Will Strip Harvey Weinstein Of France’s Highest Honor

Proposed legislation could make cat-calling costly for men in France

Macron to introduce new tax on expensive jewelry, supercars and luxury yachts

Cars Burned, Dozens of People Arrested at Anti-Labor Reform Rally in Paris



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Iraqi Kurds Withdraw to June 2014 Lines as Offensive Continues

Taliban Destroys Afghan Army Base in Kandahar

Karzai - US uses the Islamic State insurgency as a tool in Afghanistan, aimed at destabilizing the whole region

61,000 flee Kirkuk as Iraq says Kurdish independence 'a thing of the past’

Pentagon May Stop Training Iraqis Amid Kurdish Conflict

Raqqa liberation from ISIS reportedly at final stage, UN says city in ruins

Taliban launch wave of attacks in Afghanistan, kill 74

U.S. drone strike in Pakistan's NW region misses top Haqqani leader but kills commander

US strike on Islamic State camps in Yemen kills dozens

War Against The Kurds - Iraqi Security Forces Stage An Assault On The Oil-Rich City Of Kirkuk



Interesting Developments

The Bids Are In: Amazon Offered Up To $7 Billion In Tax Breaks ($140k Per Employee) For Second U.S. HQ

Spam theft and black market sales forcing shop owners to hide product

The Real Reason For Spam Thefts (Video)

New study suggests insect populations have declined by 75% over 3 decades

Malala Yousafzai targeted on social media for wearing ‘skinny jeans & heels’ at Oxford

Trump loses $600 million in personal wealth during first year of presidency

Mysterious ‘Planet 9’: Is this the smoking gun?

US Role in 1960s Indonesia Anti-Communist Massacre Revealed

Cities are getting paid to turn street lights into spying SmartNodes

German Researchers Reportedly Claim to Know Whereabouts of Russia's Amber Room




Netanyahu pushes to pass criminal immunity bill as he faces police investigations

Netanyahu: 'Israel will not allow' Iranian bases in Syria

Israel Says No Talks with a Palestinian Government that Includes Hamas

Israeli jets ‘hit Syrian anti-aircraft battery’ after alleged attack

Israeli Defense Forces: Russia was notified in real-time about airstrike against Syria

Israel approves first new settlement in UNESCO-protected Hebron in 15 years

Joy mixed with caution in Gaza after Palestinian unity deal

Netanyahu: Israel opposed to any Palestinian reconciliation with Hamas ‘mass murderers’

Palestinian Rivals Fatah, Hamas Sign Reconciliation Deal in Cairo

Israel Seeks Hamas Disarmament Amid Inter-Palestinian Reconciliation




Erdogan gets Poland's support for Turkey's EU bid

Ankara's dinosaur mayor: Melih Gokcek faces end in battle with Erdogan

Farenheit 451 - Turkey cleanses its libraries

Erdogan extends state of emergency for fifth time

Turkey orders detention of 100 former police officers in post-coup probe

Erdogan falls asleep during live press conference with Ukraine president

US Demands Evidence From Turkey to Back Accusations Against Consulate Employees

Erdogan announces operation in Syria's Idlib

PM Yildirim: Turkey 'Working With Russia' Amid Idlib Operation

Amnesty International Activists Arrested in Turkey May Face 15-Year Imprisonment

Erdogan: Turkey to take stronger steps in response to Iraqi Kurdish referendum




Egypt is in Turmoil - So Why Are Egyptians Begging Sisi to Stand for Reelection?

Qatar accuses Saudi Arabia of promoting 'regime change'

24 ISIS militants, 6 soldiers killed in mass attack in Sinai

Saudi Arabia welcomes new U.S. strategy toward Iran

South Africa

African rulers' weapon against web-based dissent: the off switch

1,000s protest Somalia's deadliest attack, reportedly staged in revenge for government & US joint raid

Kenya opposition suspends reform protests after killings

South African reshuffle irks ANC allies, Zuma confidant to oversee nuclear deal




Khamenei says Iran will 'shred' nuclear deal if U.S. quits it

Supreme Leader dismisses Trump's aggressive criticism as "rants and whoppers" while vowing that Tehran would stick to its nuclear commitments

Khamenei Adviser Warns Europeans Not To Try To Add Conditions To Nuclear Deal

Rouhani - Global Support for Iran to Force Trump to Retreat

Iran Revolutionary Guards commander reported dead in Syria

Rouhani: Iran will stick to nuclear deal

Iran says will respond strongly to any action against its military forces

Revolutionary Guard chief Jafari: Iran may equate US forces to ISIS if tough new sanctions confirmed




'The Proof is Here': Maduro Debunks Election Fraud Claims

Venezuelan opposition denounces results of first major vote since violent election

Maduro faces financial nightmare in Venezuela as debt payments come due

Fired Venezuela Prosecutor Leaks Video Implicating Maduro in Taking $35 Million Bribe

Maduro confident Russia would back Venezuela against US

This Is What The Death Of A Nation Looks Like: Venezuela Prepares For 2,300% Hyperinflation

Fury in Venezuela as Maduro gives $10 million to fund baseball as the country starves

Rejected by Cuba, Turkey Clinches Deal to Open ‘Cultural Center’ in Venezuela




Activist Says ‘It's Very Unlikely' Rousseff's Impeachment Will Be Overturned

Brazilian parliamentary commission rejects charges against Temer

Accused of corruption, popularity near zero – why is Temer still Brazil's president?

Brazil Relaxes Definition of Slave Labor Amidst Criticism

Argentina’s Most Powerful Women Face Off in Buenos Aires Vote

Temer launches defense against corruption charge 'farce'

Brazilian Diplomat Removed from Post After Criticizing Temer

Biggest bank robbery in the world: 500-meter-long ‘bank vault tunnel’ part of $317 million plot



Mexico Prison Massacre Linked to Zetas Takeover Allegations

Border gunbattles leave 11 dead in northern Mexico

Is Mexico Ready For The End Of NAFTA?

Maria de Jesus Patricio Martinez, spokesperson for National Indigenous Congress, declares for 2018 presidential election

5.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico

At Least 13 People Killed During Prison Riot in Northeastern Mexico

Ex-first lady Margarita Zavala leaves opposition party for presidency bid

Mexico's Billionaires Create Trust To Help With Reconstruction After September Quakes




Miguel Diaz-Canel - Next Cuban Leader - Rejects US ‘Imperialism’

Hurricane Ravaged Dominica: "It's All Gone" And Fighting For Survival

Raúl Castro receives the Executive Secretary of ECLAC

Inspired by Venezuelan Protests, Cuban Activists Plan Freedom Concert against Castro Regime

Cuba blames US for worsening bilateral ties

Trump to kick out two-thirds of Cuba's diplomatic corps from the US after attacks on Americans

Cuba, Bolivia, remembering "Che" 50 years after death

Havana quickly cleans up for tourists after hurricane. But other areas have a problem



United Nations

The U.S. Owes UNESCO Half A Billion Dollars

US withdraws from UNESCO, cites ‘continuing anti-Israel bias’

Israel Starts Preparations to Withdraw From UNESCO

United Nations ending 13-year military peacekeeping mission in Haiti

As Bubonic and Pneumonic plagues spread in Madagascar, UN health agency ramps up response

Saudi Coalition on UN Blacklist for Killing Yemeni Children

UN body extends human rights mission probe in Myanmar

Over 50 countries sign nuclear weapons ban treaty at UN




Snap election gamble looks set to pay off for Abe

Manga comic tells Japanese what to do in the case of a missile or nuclear attack

Japan Braces for a Monster Storm With Typhoon Lan Closing In

Ex-Toshiba chief Taizo Nishimuro, prominent business leader, dead at 81

Emperor Akihito likely to abdicate at end-March 2019

Kobe Steel Scandal Goes Nuclear: Company Faked Data For Decades, Had A "Fraud Manual"

Okinawa’s Parliament Bans US Aircraft Flights Over Private Property

Fukushima Court Rules TEPCO, Government Liable Over 2011 Disaster

Abe says Japan fully behind US on pressuring North Korea

Okinawa Crash: Grim Reminder of US Military Presence for Frustrated Locals




Modi celebrates Diwali in Kashmir, calls jawans ‘his family’

'I've never had a year so bad': Prime Minister Modi's big economic changes have hit India's small businesses

Modi Announces Plan to Create World-Class Education in India, Will Give Rs. 10,000 Crore to Top 20 Universities

Pakistan foreign minister calls India PM Narendra Modi an 'elected terrorist'


No dams, hospitals constructed in 4 years, President Mamnoon censures PML-N govt in explosive speech

Minister’s outburst confirms growing dissent against Sharif

Pakistan says fence on Afghan border will reduce attacks

Days After Sentencing 3 Ahmadi Muslims To Death, Pakistan Wins UN Human Rights Seat




Turnbull says North Korea sent Australia a 'rant' about Trump

The end of Australia's car-making industry

Assisted dying: Australia state lawmakers in 26-hour debate

UN condemns Australia on Indigenous detentions and asylum policies

Australia citizenship overhaul hits Senate hurdle

4 out of 10 West Papuan women found to have been subjected to Indonesian state violence

Jacinda Ardern is New Zealand's new - and youngest - Prime Minister

Duterte: No lifting of martial law ‘until last terrorist is taken out’

Australia signs space treaty with US ahead of launching national space agency

Passengers described the chaos as an AirAsia jetliner rapidly descended 24,000 feet







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