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Armageddon Fears Grow After Russian Plane Downed And China Forces US Navy Out Of Israel

Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries To Bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

Russian Church Convenes Secret Meeting To Debate “Holy War” Declaration Against United States

World Watches In Horror As America Plays Russian Roulette With Its Very Survival

Russia Ponders Survival As China Prepares To Unleash Pearl Harbor Attacks On American Forces Throughout Pacific And US Mainland

US Media Goes Silent After Trump Declares National Emergency In Race To Destroy “Deep State” Before They Start World War III

Fears Raised In Russia After United States Fails Main Treaty Obligation And Sends Its Top Solar Scientists Fleeing Underground

Russia Deploys Mobile ICBM’s To “Fail Safe” Points As West Begins “False Flag” Attack In Syria

Edge Of Abyss Nears After United States Threatens Entire World If It’s Charged With War Crimes

Trump Assassination Fears Rise After Pence Handed Secret Message While Russian Marines Storm Syrian Shores After YouTube Silences Government

Russia Debates Nuclear Target Designation ForCrazytown U.S.A.” After Israel Reports Prophetic “Red Heifer” Is Born That Signals “End Of Days

Russia Prepares After Trump Forces Warn Of Military Rule And Executions In Response To “Sleeper Cell” Awakening In White House

Russia Watches In Fear As Socialist Tide Grows In US—But Celebrates Overturning America To Become Breadbasket For The World

Trump Meets Top QAnon Backer In White House As Australia Becomes Latest Nation To Rout Soros Forces

“11 Weeks That Shook The World”—The Endgame Begins!


The Revival of Christianity in Russia



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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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American 2015-2017 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 3,388     Americans Killed By Terror: 178

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State? US Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared


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September 19, 2018



United States

Trump says exposing ‘corrupt’ FBI probe could be ‘crowning achievement’ of presidency

Trump: 'We Should Go Through A Process' On Supreme Court Nominee

Congressional Sources Fear Intel Agencies Will Slow-Roll Release of Carter Page FISA Docs to Frustrate Trump

GOP Lawmakers Laud Trump’s Order to Declassify FISA Docs

Deep State Unmasked: State Department on Hidden Cam, “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing to Lose”

Christine Blasey Ford "not prepared to talk" at  Monday hearing - wants FBI to investigate incident ahead of hearing

Former Fusion GPS Employee Shreds Firm’s Work On Paul Manafort

Trump mulls idea of permanent US military base in Poland, says Warsaw ‘likes it very much’

George W. Bush Issues Statement Supporting Kavanaugh

Mark Judge, other man in room according to Kavanaugh accuser, tells senators he won't testify




Putin on Israel’s role in Il-20 downing: ‘Looks accidental, like chain of tragic circumstances’

Putin stresses Israeli air forces’ operations violate Syria’s sovereignty

Putin - EU encourages migration by offering large social benefits, why would the flow stop?

Russia reveals evidence of Ukraine's responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 in 2014

Kremlin says issue of Crimea’s sovereignty off the table

Russia launches criminal case into Il-20 crash above Mediterranean

Switzerland’s Ambassador summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry over 'ungrounded allegations about increased spy activities'

Duma gives second nod to bill criminalizing the spreading of fake news

Central Russian bus crash death toll rises to 5

European Rights Court Orders Ukraine To Refrain From Accessing RFE/RL Journalist's Cell-Phone Data

Moldovan leader says Russian peacekeepers should stay in Transnistria until conflict settled




China's US Treasury holdings just fell to six-month low amid escalating trade war

China's Grip on Rare Earths May Have Proven Too Strong for Trump

Big Brother: China’s chilling dictatorship moves to introduce scorecards to control everyone

China to impose new tariffs on US goods worth $60 billion effective September 24

Disaster relief operation underway in China's Guangdong after typhoon Mangkhut

Leaders Announce Kim Jong-un Will Visit South Korea

Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un agree to nuclear-free Korean peninsula after Pyongyang summit

North, South Korea Agree to Joint Bid to Host 2032 Olympic Games

Hong Kong comes together for massive cleanup after Typhoon Mangkhut

Democratic transition in Myanmar 'at standstill': U.N. rights panel

New UN report documents evidence of mass atrocities in Myanmar against the Rohingya



United Kingdom           

Brexit: Theresa May faces business backlash over 'disastrous' proposals to clamp down on EU workers

Michel Barnier rebuffs UK calls for flexibility on Irish border

Couple who fell ill in Salisbury not exposed to novichok, police confirm

Pub stops taking cash payments 'in UK first'

Michael Gove says future PM could change Theresa May's deal after Brexit

Four in 10 think British culture is undermined by multiculturalism

British insanity grows: ‘Whiter than white’: Senior cop who used age old phrase could be fired for alleged ‘racism’

Theresa May to face Brexiteer coup 'within days'

UK claims men in RT interview were GRU intelligence agents despite their denial



European Union

'Fort Trump': Donald Trump considers request for US military base in Poland

Source: EU summit in Salzburg not to adopt new anti-Russia sanctions over Skripal case

Orban’s Moscow visit a middle finger gesture to EU after last week’s humiliation

Greece to move 2,000 out of overcrowded Lesbos migrant camp

Brussels Establishes Special Office for Monitoring 'Russian Cyberthreat'

NATO: We’re Not Naming New Headquarters After John McCain

Spain to ‘honor’ sale of 400 bombs to Saudi Arabia despite halting it over rights groups outcry

Dalai Lama says 'Europe belongs to Europeans' and that refugees should return to their native countries

EU votes to open sanction procedures against Viktor Orban's Hungary




Merkel takes a gamble with new immigration law

Merkel’s Fired Spy Chief Becomes Hero of the Far Right

German domestic intelligence head relieved of duties, but promoted

Germany's Air Force Isn't Going to War Against Anyone

Merkel backs Austria on stronger EU borders

Swiss government calls on Russia to cease spying activities in country

Police Stumped In Search For Missing Wikileaks-Linked Cybersecurity Expert

3,677 sex abuse cases in German Catholic Church

Fisherman Finds Assets of Assange’s Missing Associate off Norway Coast





Macron unveils plans to make French healthcare system ‘best in the world’

Conservative Geoffroy Didier Claims Macron Has Turned France Into A ‘Fiscal Hell’

France plans to lure 'thousands' of UK fintech jobs, says minister

Macron under fire for callous 'career advice'

Ambassador - Paris Mulls Developing New EU Security Framework Involving Russia

Macron loses second ‘star’ minister ahead of sweeping tax reforms

France to encourage children to watch cartoons in English in drive to improve poor language skills

French kids should learn Arabic? Education minister suggests controversial curriculum change

7 injured in Paris stabbing spree



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Fate of Syria’s Idlib Deal Rests on What al-Qaeda Does Next

US aircraft carrier Truman crosses Atlantic after threats to Syria

US military given more authority to launch preventative cyberattacks

Yemen Fishing Boat Attacked by Frigate Off Coast, 18 Fishermen Killed

Russia detects missile launches from French frigate off Syria’s coast in Mediterranean

Syrian port city Latakia 'attacked by missiles from sea'

SPY PLANE VANISHES Russian military plane with 14 on board ‘accidentally shot down’ in Latakia during Syria missile strike and disappears from radar

Air Strikes Target Damascus: Syrian Officials Say "Israeli Missile Attack" Thwarted



Interesting Developments

Top 5 Russia-conspiracy fails of Rachel ‘highest-ratings-ever’ Maddow

Liberal stars land sick burns on Trump & Kavanaugh at Emmys… get worst-ever ratings

'Sesame Street' denies writer's claim that Bert and Ernie are gay: They are 'best friends'

Scientists say there are just 4 personality types - and one nobody wants to have

Walmart To Stop Selling Soviet-themed Merchandise

A 2012 New Yorker piece naming Kavanaugh as a potential Romney pick for the Supremes may provide the genesis for Christine Ford’s questionable accusation.

'Inside Edition' crew gets robbed while reporting on San Francisco Bay Area crime

Sunspot Observatory to reopen with lame excuse for FBI evacuation, alien truthers unconvinced




Netanyahu: Israel Ready to Assist Russia in Il-20 Incident Probe

Israel Unlikely to Fly Freely Over Syria After Il-20 Incident - Ex-Official

Netanyahu accuses Europe of ‘appeasing’ Iran

US ambassador to Israel says US should recognize Israel’s right to the Golan

Report on IDF funding Syrian rebels pulled on request of ‘army's censor'

Israel threatens attack on Iranian assets installed in Iraq

Paraguay moves Israel embassy back out of Jerusalem less than 4 months after opening new mission

Abbas: Trump offered us peace plan based on confederation with Jordan

Israeli Reports Claim New Images Confirm Iranian Surface-to-Surface Missile Facility In Syria




NATO Chief Says Turkey’s Russian S-400 Purchase a ‘National Decision’

Turkish Filmmaker Gets 6-Year Prison Sentence For Depicting Execution Of Erdogan

Erdogan: It Is Necessary to ‘Resist Separatist Efforts’ in Syria

Erdogan calls on global trading partners to smash US dollar’s ‘monopoly’

Erdogan Vows To Abandon Dollar, "Doesn't Need Permission" To Buy Russian Missiles

Turkey’s Debt & Currency Crisis Morphs into Financial Crisis as Banks Face Funding Squeeze

Erdogan to Face German Demands In Exchange for Economic Help

US Embassy in Turkey attacked by gunman in passing car

Turkey Increases Tariffs on US Imports Including Vehicles, Alcohol, Tobacco




Egyptian court orders arrest of Mubarak’s sons over stock market manipulation

Egypt security forces kill 11 suspected militants in Sinai

Saudis Arrest Egyptian Man for Eating Breakfast with Female Colleague

Saudi King’s brother ‘considering self-exile’ after Yemen war criticism

South Africa

Zimbabwe declares cholera outbreak in capital city state of emergency

Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to new city

South African bank wants farmers to repay debt for property even if it's seized




Larijani says Iran’s 3,000-4,000 working centrifuges are within nuclear deal limit

Iran WARNING: US tells airlines not to fly through airspace as WW3 fears rise

Nuclear chief Salehi says Iran completes facility to build centrifuges

Iran Vows Strikes Outside Borders, ‘Beyond the Seas’

Supreme Leader tells Putin Iran and Russia can cooperate to contain US

REVEALED: Foreign Minister Zarif Admits Regime Has Worked Closely with Soros’s Open Society (VIDEO)

Iran Touts ‘New Plans’ To Boost Ballistic Missile Development

Confusion Looms As Iran Claims Control Over Strait of Hormuz



Maduro's huge salary increases force 40% percent of Venezuelan stores to close

OAS Chief Not Ruling Out Military Invasion of Venezuela

U.S. accuses top Venezuelan officials of stealing millions from food program

Venezuela calls for Tuesday mass march against U.S. over reported Maduro coup conspiracy

"What A Disaster": Chaos Returns To Venezuela One Day After Massive Devaluation

Powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake shakes Caribbean causing damage from Trinidad to Venezuela

Ecuador to organize regional Venezuela migrant crisis meeting

Venezuela In Chaos After Maduro Announces Massive 95% Devaluation, New FX Rate Tied To Cryptocurrency




Brazil's Bolsonaro still leads in presidential race, Haddad jumps to second - poll

Fernando Haddad aims to be Brazil's new Lula – but does anyone know who he is?

Argentina's Fernandez: 'Dig Up My Home But You Won't Find Illicit Funds'

Ex-president Kirchner charged in Argentina corruption scandal

Bolsonaro recovering from surgery after stabbing

Lula calls on Brazilians to back Fernando Haddad, but will voters respond?

Brazil candidate Jair Bolsonaro to undergo 'major surgery'

Brazil election: Jailed ex-leader Lula pulls out




Mexicans outraged after officials leave trailer full of corpses on outskirts of city

Flow of Raw Sewage From Mexico Across Arizona Border Slowed

Mass graves with ‘hundreds of bodies’ found in Mexico

Mexico's new president is a wild card in the battle over Trump's new NAFTA

Guatemala President Morales shuts down UN anti-corruption commission

Mexican Cartel Boss Takes Out $100,000 Assassination Contract On Breitbart Journalist

Mexican City Legalizes Street Sex: Oasis of Freedom or Hotbed of Violence?

Mexican farmers accuse Volkswagen of altering the weather




Cuba: US Intervention in Nicaragua, Venezuela Disrespectful

'Microwave weapons' may have triggered ailments plaguing US diplomats in Cuba

Cuba charges leading dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer with attempted murder

Costa Rica earthquake: Damage and power outages after magnitude 6.0 quake hits close to Panama border

Cuba constitution referendum date set for February 2019

Cuban Punk Rocker Detained for Dissident Radio Show: ‘They Are Capable of Killing’

Cuba aims to build socialism, not communism, in draft constitution

US Embassy in Haiti requests more Marines, security personnel amid violence



United Nations

U.N. rights boss Bachelet urges Egypt to overturn mass death sentences

Secretary-General Guterres urges calm as violence erupts in Libyan capital

US cuts nearly $300 million in aid for Palestinian refugees after finding the operation “irredeemably flawed”

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan dies at age 80

Guterres suggests deploying UN-mandated armed forces to protect Palestinians

Horrifying UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees

UN General Assembly approves appointment of Chile’s Bachelet as rights chief




Hog cholera case confirmed in Gifu, first in Japan since 1992

Death Toll From Hokkaido Earthquake Reaches 21

Japan rocked by 2 earthquakes after typhoon

Tokyo admits 1st death from Fukushima radiation exposure

Several dead and one million urged to evacuate as Japan hit by strongest typhoon in 25 years

Abe to visit Russia - and he will meet Putin, may meet Xi, won’t meet Kim

Powerful typhoon on course to hit western or central Japan Tuesday

Abe Seeks Re-Election as Japan's Ruling Party's Leader

Japan Sets Up a Crisis Center Over Severe Volcano Eruption Threat

All 9 aboard rescue chopper crashed in Japan confirmed dead

70,000 people protest US army base in Okinawa




Thousands laid off as India pushes biggest tax reform

Indian press lauds ruling decriminalizing gay sex but Modi government stays silent

FedEx'd Diamonds Fueled India's Largest Bank Fraud

Modi pledges funds as death toll climbs in worst floods in a century in south Indian state


Arif Alvi sworn in as 13th President of Pakistan

Pakistani Singer Ends Latest Music Video Blowing Up in Suicide Blast (VIDEO)

Imran wants talks, trade between India and Pakistan to resolve conflicts

Terror Funding: Asia Pacific Watchdog Asks Pakistan to Enact Tougher Laws




157 Held For Check-Ups as Mysterious Flu Hits Australian Flight to New Zealand

Petition to offer Assange asylum in New Zealand to be presented to parliament

Children among five found dead at home in Perth, Australia

‘Who started it? America!’ Duterte blames Philippine inflation on ‘friend Trump’ & his trade wars

PM Scott Morrison Sends His Two Daughters To Independent Baptist School So They Avoid Sex Ed Classes About 'Bisexual Teenagers Who've Had 15 Partners By The Age Of 17'

Bannon warns 'Populist national revolt’ grips west and is coming to Australia

Australia House Prices Fall for 11th Month as Downturn Deepens

Global Outcry After Australia Moves to Ban Entry of Whistleblower Chelsea Manning

Cats could be banned in a New Zealand town. Resident says ‘It’s like a police state’







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