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Climate Cultists In America Made To Pray To Plants Begin Committing Suicide

Saudi Arabia Displays Missile Wreckage That Took Out Refinery—All Of Which Was Made For NATO Forces

72-Hours Of Mystery Prompt Massive War Drills After Oil Refinery Explosions Strike Saudi Arabia, Italy And Mexico

Deep State” Destruction Test Run Begins After Largest US Bank Hit With Criminal Enterprise Indictment

World Warned Is Days Away From Sleepwalking Into Total Nuclear War

Russia Mobilizes 12,000 Troops AfterSnake-Like” Alien Craft Communicating With Mysterious “Interstellar Object” Attacks Norway

Trump Comes Under Savage Attack By Crazed Judges Who Know Their Leftist End Is Near

World Braces For Bloodbath Holocaust As “October Revolution” Forces Grow In China

Unintended Nuclear War Warning Issued—Whose First Victims Of Said Should Be Climate Crazies

Doomsday Weapon Readied In Preparation For Political Revolution To Completely Transform America

Rampage Of Instability Called America Explodes Over CIA Spy In Moscow Fairy Tale

America Warned Is Tiptoeing Around The Edge Of “Irreparably Broken

Mysterious Alien Race Warned Is Returning To Norway To Retrieve Their Nazi “Children Of Shame

Ghost Warrior” Wants Trump Assassinated—Hints It’s Coming Soon

America Gets Mad Dog Warning—But Is Anyone Listening?


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Sister Maria Theresa is the 73rd Sorcha Faal of the Sorcha Faal Order, Elected as Mother Superior 3 February 2007

 “Conspiracy theorists concentrate their time on transmuting the "base matter" of current events, official stories, propaganda and public relations into the gleaming golden truth buried within. They do this through the very right-brained activity of uncovering and inventing connections between disparate elements.

They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped—And Some Scientists Think We Wouldn’t Want To Even If We Could


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Sorcha Faal Belongs To A Cabal Of Ashkenazim Jewish Women From 1290 A.D.  


Sorcha Faal Belongs To A Zionist Jewish Criminal Syndicate  


Sorcha Faal Is A Misinformation Agent For The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR   


Sorcha Faal Works Within The Central Intelligence Agency In COINTELPRO


Sorcha Faal Is Part Of Russian State Propaganda Effort 


Sorcha Faal Used By DHS To Compile Report On Right Wing Extremism


Sorcha Faal Colludes With Team Trump


Sorcha Faal Is Information Warfare Site For British MI6, Mossad and CIA  


Sorcha Faal Is Part of Putin Troll Army


Sorcha Faal Is Part Of Kremlin-White House Lie Machine 


Sorcha Faal Link Says Proves US Broadcaster Sean Hannity Is Russian Spy


Sorcha Faal Called Right Wing By Guardian Newspaper For Aiding Judge Kavanaugh


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations


American 2019 Death Toll Update:           40 Americans Killed By Terror    652 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                   40 American Police Murdered       18 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2018 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 4,375     Americans Killed By Terror: 212

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State? US Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared


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Top World News Now                 

September 20, 2019



United States

Whistle-Blower Complaint Sets Off a Battle Involving Trump

Reports Identify The Country At Center Of Mysterious Trump Whistleblower Complaint

Trump Sues Manhattan D.A. In Response To Subpoenas

Federal judge blocks California law requiring Trump tax returns

Multiple People Reported Injured in Shooting on Streets of Washington, DC

US Diplomats in Cuba May Have Become Ill Due to Chemicals in Pesticide Fumigation

Two Members of Cuba's UN Mission Asked to Leave US Over 'Harmful Activities'

Treat Wealth Like Wages - US Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon proposes federal tax that applies to almost every major asset you own

Revealed: how US senators invest in firms they are supposed to regulate

Assembly of African Migrants in Tapachula Demands Asylum in U.S.

Colt Announces End Of AR-15 Production For Civilian Market




Putin - Russia ensured technological independence for more than 350 types of arms

Putin to attend Tsentr 2019 military exercise in Orenburg on Friday

Pentagon Says Has Plan of Defeating Air Defense System of Russia’s Kaliningrad Region

Russia casts 13th veto of U.N. Security Council action during Syrian war

Enormous Fire Consumes Chechnya’s Largest Shopping Mall As Customers Flee In Terrifying Videos

Russia-Ukraine Gas Talks Resume as EU Seeks to Avert Supply Cut

Putin Calls for Unbiased Investigation of Saudi Aramco Attacks in Talks With Crown Prince

Battle For The Arctic: Russia Deploys S-400 Missile Defense Systems To Control New Frontier

Russia Is Getting Ready to Build a Very Special Type of Aircraft Carrier

One Policemen Killed, Another Injured While Detaining Fellow Officer in Moscow

FSB Neutralizes Two People Planning Terror Attack in Chegem



Journalists in Chinese state media to be tested on loyalty to President Xi Jinping

FedEx Pilot Arrested In China; Accused Of Illegally Transporting Ammunition

Apple’s brand takes a hit in China from backlash against Trump

Hanfu movement sweeps China in revival of traditional culture

US and Australia to unveil plan aimed at securing rare earth mineral supply

North Korea Faces Lowest Crop Harvest in Five Years, Widespread Food Shortages: U.N.

Philippines Declares First Polio Case in Nearly 20 Years Amid Dengue Epidemic

Wild East? Duterte Offers Filipinos Cash for Catching Mistakenly Released Criminals 'Dead or Alive'

China bans South Korea pig imports on swine fever fears

China Just Got Handed The Oil Deal Of A Lifetime

China reportedly censoring Ten Commandments, replacing them with Xi quotes inside churches



United Kingdom           

‘Totally improper & desperate’: Salmond blasts ex-UK PM Cameron for ‘begging’ Queen for Scottish Indyref help

Boris Johnson could refuse to recall parliament even if Supreme Court rules suspension unlawful, government lawyers say

Stephen Barclay heads to Brussels for talks as Jean-Claude Juncker raises hopes of deal

‘Insult to British people’: Ex-UK PM Cameron’s claim that Britain needed ‘more’ austerity blasted by Galloway

UK's highest court to decide on Johnson's Parliament suspension

Australia is set to begin trade talks with the UK “as soon as possible” after Brexit

Independence referendum fifth anniversary poll shows six out of 10 Scots want to remain in UK

UK announces 'unprecedented' investment to eliminate five worst neglected tropical diseases



European Union

Pesticides or random coincidence? Mystery lingers over NEW CASES of babies born with hand and arm defects in Europe

Vigilantes in Slovenia patrol borders to keep out migrants

EU asylum office says the number of people seeking international protection in 30 European countries rose by a monthly 26% in July

Blast hits Italy's Eni refinery, no injuries reported

Apple to challenge EU over record $14 billion tax dodging case

EU defends 'European Way of Life' idea after Le Pen claims it for far-right

A Post-Salvini Italy Reverses Course; Welcomes Migrants From NGO Rescue Boat

Spain floods: At least six dead and thousands evacuated as torrential rain batters the south




Merkel Sees No Reason to End Saudi Arabia Weapons Embargo

Germany is Having an Existential Crisis About Cars

BMW Plans as Many as 6,000 Job Cuts in Germany

Merkel Urges Return to Iran Nuclear Deal to Defuse Middle East Tensions

Merkel Drive to Slash Emissions at Risk as Green Power Splutters

Are Bankers Mobsters Becomes Question in German Cum-Ex Probe

Germany wants to cap next EU budget at 1%, seeks more funds for climate and migration

Higher Flight Costs Coming in Germany to Curb Emissions




Doubting Iran Link, Macron Sends French Experts to Investigate Saudi Oil Attack

Macron Concerned Over Israeli Comments on Annexation

First Lady Brigitte Macron sets up adult school in poor Paris suburb

France to press to drop Sudan from US terror blacklist

Macron tries the common touch to win back support

Police face protesters in Nantes as 'yellow vest' marches resume

Marine Le Pen's Father Charged Over EU Funding Scandal

Paris suffers more than 300km of traffic jams amid biggest public transport strike in 12 years



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Saudi-led coalition strikes Yemen’s Hodeidah in wake of refinery attacks claimed by Houthis

Saudis Reveal 'Evidence' Attacks "Unquestionably Sponsored" By Iran With Drone & Missile Debris

‘Protect your glass skyscrapers’: Yemen’s Houthis claim to have NEW ATTACK DRONE & threaten UAE with DOZENS OF STRIKES

Japan Says There Is No Evidence Iran Was Behind Attack on Saudi Aramco Facilities

Riyadh gave NO PROOF Tehran launched oil-plant attack – but still ‘expects US to do its dirty work for them’

What You're Not Being Told About the Saudi Oil Attack

US Supported Syria "Rebels" Fire Live Rounds at Syrian Families in Rukban Concentration Camp



Interesting Developments

‘Insurance policy for planet Earth’: Space agencies to smash spacecraft into asteroid at over 14,000 mph

Vaccine Mandates for Everyone, Everywhere - A Globally Coordinated Agenda

Do you know who owns all the land in Canada? Not its citizens

MIT Shows off Deepfake Vladimir Putin in Demo of New Real-Time Technology

Last Month, 53 Americans Died in Mass Shootings While 40,000 Died from Obesity

Baby zebra wears polka dots instead of stripes

NBC News Asks Americans To Confess Their Climate Change Sins

Climate change cultists filling their followers with anxiety: How long before the suicides start?

Spread of Ebola Signals ‘New Era of Epidemic Risk,’ Raises National Security Concern




Bibi’s out? Gantz refuses to meet with Netanyahu, says he will form unity government without embattled PM

With two thirds of ballots counted, Netanyahu and Gantz tied, neither has required majority yet.

Meet Israel's New "Kingmaker" & Why War With Hamas Is Imminent

Netanyahu says country at 'historic junction' as exit polls too close to call – live updates

Netanyahu sharpens focus on settlements, two days before ballot

Israel to decide Netanyahu's fate in election rerun

Final polls predict a second stalemate

Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank’s Jordan Valley after Israeli election



Turkey chemical factory explosion launches metal tank into sky above fleeing onlookers

Erdogan hosts Putin, Rouhani for Syria summit

Turkey to Switch On Russian Missile Systems in Less Than a Year

Former Turkish premier Davutoglu promises new political party

Turkey says OIC to convene after Netanyahu annexation plans

Erdogan tells Trump he could ALSO buy US Patriot missiles despite row over Russian S-400s

Four dead, 13 injured in Turkey's southeast after blast

Despite start of US-Turkey joint patrols, Erdoğan cites disagreements on safe zone



Saudi Arabia executes 134 people including six kids as brutal crucifixions spike

Kuwait says it's probing drone sighting, working with Riyadh

Al-Sisi denies graft accusations

South Africa

Congo police detain ex-health minister in Ebola funds probe

South Africa: Two dead in new bout of mob violence

Nigeria will repatriate some 600 citizens from South Africa after a wave of xenophobic violence




FM Zarif warns Tehran will commit to ‘all-out war’ if Iran is targeted by military strike

Rouhani - Drone Strikes Were Yemen's 'Reciprocal Response' For Saudi Bombings

Iran says it's ready for war with US after Saudi oil attack accusations

Iran signs $440 million deal to develop Belal gas field

Zarif says U.S. 'thirst for war' should go with Bolton

Pension funds in Iran on brink of collapse amid US ‘maximum pressure’ campaign

Three Australians Arrested and Detained in Iran

UN atomic watchdog confirms Iran installing new centrifuges




Bolivia's Morales Rejects Violent Attacks Against His Party’s HQ in Santa Cruz

Foreign Minister Arreaza says Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) of the OAS is a 'dead' instrument and the intention of applying it in Latin America "does not make any sense"

Busted? Juan Guaido poses with notorious Colombian drug cartel at Venezuela border in leaked photos

Maduro to Skip United Nations General Assembly in New York

Venezuela government, opposition talking despite stalled Norway-backed dialogue

Maduro Regime Is Moving Money Through Spain’s Central Bank




Minister Araujo Says 'US-Brazil Trade Deal is the Holy Grail'

A Latin American Brexit? Analyzing Brazil’s Threat on Mercosur

Brazilian Official Who Fought To Protect The Amazon "Assassinated" In Front Of Family

Amazon Countries Sign ‘Leticia Pact’ on Joint Policies to Protect Rainforest Amid Fires

Bolsonaro to skip Amazon summit on doctor's orders

Amazon fires: Almost 4,000 new blazes started across Brazil in 48 hours after ban on burning forest land

Brazil's tourism ambassador threatens to 'choke' Macron, says he is 'sleeping with a dragon'




Fire & Explosion Reported At Pemex Oil Refinery In Southern Mexico

Blackout hits 4 nations in Central America, affects millions

Data breach at Miami server exposes personal information on virtually every Ecuadorian

At least 44 bodies stuffed in over 100 bags discovered buried in well in Mexico

Mexico Demands US Halt Weapons Flow Across Border

Mexico to probe officials over 2014 case of 43 missing students

Mexico Kingpin's Son Refutes His Parentage in a Bid to Avoid Extradition to US




Still reeling from Dorian, Bahamas hit by tropical storm

Thousands in Bahamas struggle to find work after Dorian

Ecuador's Ex-President Correa Meets With Raul Castro in Havana

Twitter restores some blocked Cuban official accounts

President Miguel Diaz-Canel warns that energy cutbacks are looming

Oil spill clean-up at Equinor's Bahamas terminal underway after Dorian damage

Tentative list of the missing in Bahamas has 2,500 names



United Nations

China and US Clash Over 'Belt and Road' in Afghan Resolution

UN Secretary-General Concerned By Netanyahu's West Bank Annexation Threat

UN human rights chief cites continued abuses in Venezuela

UN Chief Appeals for Donors to Follow Through on Ebola Pledges

UN criticizes transfer of 1,600 displaced Iraqis back to their home villages

UN calls for urgent action to end violence in Nigeria

UNSC will hold emergency session on US missile projects on August 22



Japan Increases Lead Over China As Largest Foreign Holder Of U.S. Treasuries

Japan to lift tariff on US wine under trade pact

Japanese fathers demoted for taking paternity leave sue their employers

Abe, headed for longest premiership, seeks stability in cabinet reshuffle

Japan struggles to avoid Trump's tariff threat as deadline looms

Environment Minister says Japan will have to dump more than 1 million tons of contaminated water radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific

Typhoon Faxai leaves thousands stranded at the airport

Tokyo Reveals What Shinzo Abe Presented to Vladimir Putin After Summit in Vladivostok

Abe’s Claim That Japan Needs U.S. Corn Due to Pests Looks Shaky

Abe eyes Cabinet reshuffle next week; Suga and Aso likely to remain




Modi Calls for Building ‘A New Kashmir’

"It Is Ours!" Indian Minister Says Islamabad About To "Lose Pakistani-occupied Kashmir"

India arrests Kashmir leader Abdullah under controversial law

At Least 11 Dead, Dozens Missing as Boat Carrying Tourists Capsizes in India


PM Khan hints at nuking India in ‘surrender-or-death’ scenario

Militant Fire From Across Afghan Border Kills 4 Pakistani Soldiers

Pakistan arrests protesters after pro-independence Kashmir rally

Pakistani Minister Mocks Indian Spacecraft Mission as New Delhi Loses Contact With Lander




United States prepares to host Scott Morrison for rare state visit and dinner

Australia concluded China was behind hack on parliament, political parties

Australia's 'Pacific Guantanamo' quietly emptied

Australia names academic held in Iran for almost a year

Nationals back welfare system expansion and crackdown on vegan 'milk'

Australia Deploys World's First Law To Fight Online Extremism

Australia fires: Hundreds evacuated from coastal blaze

New Zealand Labour faces sexual assault crisis as Jacinda Ardern sets up inquiry

New Zealand officials find half ton of meth hidden in motors from Thailand

Australian Feds Seize Hundreds Of Illegal Firearms From Citizens







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