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Discovery Of  Chimera Sea Monster” Sparks Grave Russian Fears

CIA Hit Team “Suicides” Doctor, Then “Protects” South Carolina Massacre Shooter

Second Reconstruction Descends Upon South As Northern Bloodlust Endures

Russian Navy Armada Ordered To Coast Of Texas For “Liberation Exercise”

US General Who Stopped World War III After Massive “Arctic Sky Battle” Targeted For Death

Russia Plans Atomic “First Strike” As “False Flag” Racial Massacre Pushes America To Brink Of Insanity

Russia Deploys Feared EMP Weapons, Orders Troops To “Staggered Defense” Positions

America Before World War III: “Who Was Left To Tell The Truth?”

Putin Orders “Full Military Force” To Break Blockade As Western Leaders Gather At “Hitler’s Castle”

Obama Made Secret Boston Visit As Kerry Reported At “Deaths Door”

US Secretary Of State Kerry Reported “Gravely Wounded” After French Gun Battle

Putin Order Allows Sinking Of US Navy Ship As Russians Warned To Leave America

Hillary's Cribs Shock Young People


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July 2, 2015



United States

Clinton emails: Obama aides knew of private address

Leaked: What’s in Obama’s trade deal - US battles for Big Pharma

Jumpers Beware: White House Fence Is a Lot Spikier

Seventh shark attack along the North Carolina coast in the past three weeks

Polygamous Montana trio applies for wedding license

Attorneys seek to challenge California's new school vaccination law

VA Clinics Telling Vets - No New Patients Accepted

Disabled Vet Faces Life In Prison for Treating PTSD with Pot

Justice Department: Students' gender identity determines restroom use

International Research Team to Examine Flu Transmission From Birds to Humans




Russia-Armenia: Putin eyes “constructive dialogue” with Sargsyan

Putin Urged to Repatriate Up to 40,000 Jews in Crimea

Kremlin blasts Finland for barring parliament speaker

Baltic states 'outraged' by Russia's independence review

Russia and Turkey can't agree on gas prices

Highest court OKs early 2016 parliamentary vote

Russia To Launch Bulava Ballistic Missiles In Military Exercises By End Of 2015

Poroshenko lays out vision of new war-time constitution

Ukraine To Start Debt Restructuring Talks Next Week

Who's Behind A String Of Bombings In Ukraine's Black Sea 'Pearl'?



Xi urges loyalty, devotion from CPC members on anniversary

China's biggest stock market just lost 5% in a single hour

China Invites North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to Beijing in September

Anti-Corruption Campaign Enters Phase Two

National People's Congress expels former senior auto executive

Beijing says retired officials can be punished for pollution

Asian Migrant Crisis May Worsen With Free Labor Movement Under ASEAN Trade Bloc

Asia Beware: China Unveils New Island Storming Warships

Military on mission to bring 'modern civilization' to Xinjiang

Philippines' human "buffer" against China's land grab


United Kingdom           

​​Cameron reaffirms there will be no “safe spaces” from UK government snooping

Cameron: English MPs will never be 'overruled' by those in Scotland again

Hillary Clinton ridiculed 'wacky' Cameron's attempt to torpedo Lisbon Treaty

Bank of England says Greece poses risk to UK financial system   

UK Gets Ironic by Spying on Amnesty International

NHS IT: Another project over budget, late and with a functionality shortfall

SNP failing Scottish NHS: Fury as children’s ward is closed due to staff shortages

First tentative shots in crucial UK defence review

Ireland tops EU list for granting citizenship

Lessons for US in Northern Ireland's 'marching season'


European Union

Europe slams the door on talks with Greece before Sunday referendum

Tsipras urges Greeks to defy creditors’ blackmail

IMF Orders US Tour Operators to Withhold Payments to Greek Hotels

Moody’s cuts Greece’s rating

Greece in Limbo: Shuttered Banks Keep Lifeline

Greece may accept bailout terms

Mediterranean migrants: MSF rescues 732 people in one day

Trafficker jailed for 18 years over Italy migrant boat disaster

Denmark to cut asylum-seeker benefits under new leaders

Police Arrest Five in Italy-Albania Antiterror Operation




WikiLeaks: US spied on Angela Merkel's ministers too

Angela Merkel at Ramadan Iftar: Islam belongs in Germany and will remain so

Angela Merkel: No talks on new Greek bailout before referendum

Germany will not 'pour money' into Greek black hole

First interest-free Islamic bank opens in Frankfurt

Robot kills worker at Volkswagen plant in Germany

Ex-Nazi Admits Guilt but Offers No Apology in Trial

An understanding reached on Germany's energy switch

Swiss government unveils billions more in budget cuts





Hollande: it's our duty to keep Greece in euro zone

Hollande, China's Li agree to launch fund for joint cooperation on third party markets

Hollande's Cameroon Visit Exacerbates Anti-French Sentiments

Hollande: Paris center answers doubts on French Jewry’s future

Ferry Workers Strike In Calais As Aid Organizations Warn Of Migrant Crisis

Two soldiers suspended over Burkina Faso child sex abuse scandal

France takes steps to avoid repeat of deadly 2003 heat wave

France bans drivers from eating, applying make-up or even listening to ‘excessively loud’ music in crackdown on careless motorists



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

​​US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

Pentagon: Probability of US fighting war against Russia growing

Britain could start bombing Syria

U.S. unprepared for chemical attack as Islamic State nears Syria’s stockpile

Flashback 2014:  Chemical weapons removal from Syria nearly complete

Syrian rebels filmed shooting Islamic State militants

Around 1,200 escape from Yemen prison, including al Qaeda suspects

Rebel Rocket Fire Kills 18 Civilians, 13 Fighters in Yemen's Aden

Water Shortages Unite Iraq, Islamic State Against Turkey



Interesting Developments

Latest Michigan quake has scientists puzzled

How World War III Became Possible

​‘Hi, I’m Uncle Sam and I’m a War-oholic

Texas Liberals Sign Petition to Remove ‘Racist’ George Washington Statue

Helium is leaking from massive earthquake fault in LA raising fears 'big one' could be more devastating than thought

NASA officials confirm mysterious fireball is space junk

Jupiter, Venus to converge in Star of Bethlehem moment

Intolerable Levels of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Found in Breast Milk

Dalai Lama at Glastonbury decries 'unthinkable' violence in Syria, Iraq and Nigeria



Islamic State threatens to topple Hamas in Gaza

UN calls on Netanyahu to prove his commitment to two-state solution

Israel Decidedly Unhappy With Vatican-Palestine Treaty

Activists set sail for Gaza aboard Freedom Flotilla

Netanyahu Slams French Peace Initiative As 'Dictate' That Hurts Israel

Netanyahu walks out of his own cabinet meeting

Lieberman attacks Netanyahu: In the wake of two recent terror attacks Israel has lost its deterrence

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas Sees No Place for Hamas in New Government



Erdoğan says Turkey not to allow Kurdish state in northern Syria

Turkey Plans to Invade Syria to Fight Kurds

Foreign Minister: Possible Syria operations to be announced after MGK meeting

Russia’s Gazprom given permission to conduct surveys for Turkish Stream

Erdogan warns of risks, new poll if Turkey government coalition delayed

Opposition turns up heat on Erdoğan

Erdoğan: Western response to refugee crisis a crime against humanity

New battlelines for Turkey’s Kurds as they become political force



Scores reported dead in Islamist attacks in Egypt

Kuwait identifies mosque bomber as Saudi national

Saudi Officials Linked to Jihadist Group in WikiLeaks Cables

Thousands mourn in Kuwait’s mass funeral after Shiite attack

Egypt sees sandstorm and earthquake on the same day

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt rejects Sisi's call for coexistence

25 dead in Kuwait Shia mosque blast




Make-or-Break Moment for Rouhani as Iran Talks Enter Final Lap

Iran deadlines swept aside as negotiators settle on moment of truth

Divide on Iran Nuclear Deal: Hard-Liners vs. ‘Invisible People’

FM Zarif to Consult with Supreme Leader over Ayatollah’s Latest Demands

Iran’s motives unclear as talks resume

Iran, global powers consider solution on uranium stockpile - sell it

30,000 Pound Bomb: U.S. Rehearses Strike On Iran’s Nuke Facilities With Massive Ordnance Penetrator




Maduro to address Parliament today on claims to Guyana’s maritime territory

Venezuela and Iran Sign New Agreements

Seeking to Meet Jailed Opposition Leader, Brazil Senators Flee Venezuela After Bus Attack

Colombian army killed hundreds of civilians to fake successful battles and "boost body count" in war against rebels

Protesters demand release of political prisoners

Clandestine Dining on the Rise in Venezuela

Ecuador May Become First Country In Western Hemisphere To Legalize All Drugs

Maduro Slams Europe for Treatment of Migrants




Brazil ministers rebut new wave of campaign funding allegations

Britain slaps down Argentina during fresh diplomatic row over The Falklands Islands' right to exist online

Argentine foreign minister Hector Timerman: David Cameron living in a 'fake reality' over Falklands

Rousseff's approval rating falls to 10 percent, lowest for a Brazilian leader in over 20 years

Economy shrinks in 1st quarter, recession seen

Suspected mastermind behind Brazil’s biggest corruption scandal may not be dead after all

Brazil starts congressional inquiry into corruption after Fifa arrests




Soldiers kill 6 gunmen in shootout in Mexico

Mexico is facing a deadly Central American migrants crisis

Teachers in Mexico, still angry over 43 students, amp up reform protests on eve of election

Nieto changes asset declaration in wake of report on land deal

Mexicans Discover Illegal Immigrants in Cancun, Not Amused

US deports MS-13 gang members to El Salvador to face homicide charges




Cuba is the first nation to eliminate mother-to-child HIV and syphilis

U.S. senators visit Cuba, hope Congress will ease restrictions

First EU-Cuba high level human rights dialogue meeting on 25th June

Raul Castro Receives President of Venezuelan Parliament in Cuba

Putin says US-Cuba Rapprochement is No Threat to Russia

US Takes Cuba off Terror List, Paving the Way for Normal Ties



United Nations

Evidence may lead to new probe in 1961 death of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld

Ebola returns to Liberia: Tests confirm a teenager died of the virus

UN Role Is Questioned in Sexual Abuse Inquiry

UN says encryption vital to free speech, calls on US government to end 'backdoor' push

UN: Donor Fatigue Hits Nepal One Month After Mega Earthquake

Ban Ki-moon says save migrants, deal with cause of flight as search for boats continues




Nearly 60 pct of Japanese oppose controversial security legislation

Female passenger killed after 'human fireball' set himself alight on high-speed train

Japan Pushes South Korea Into China’s Arms

Philippines starts war games with US, Japan today

International Whaling Commission Warns Japan to Stop Hunting Whales

IAEA Chief: Japanese Over-Confidence & Complacency Proved Deadly In Fukushima

Japan Speeds up Return of Fukushima Refugees to Cut Down on Compensation

Red Planet Bound: Japan to Send Probe to Martian Moon

Hackers Hit Japan Pension System

Third earthquake in one week hits Japan, no tsunami warning or reports of damage




China plays down its submarine's docking in Pakistan, says it's not a threat to India

Modi Leads Thousands in International Day of Yoga Celebration

MERS-CoV Infection: Action Plan Drawn Up for Haj Pilgrims

Moonshine kills at least 94 in India city slum


IMF approves $506 million for Pakistan under bailout programme

Karachi Heat Wave Death Toll Tops 650 During Ramadan Fast

Sharif chairs high level anti-terror meeting

Defence Minister: Taliban fighting against Pakistan as India’s proxy




Indonesian Military Plane With 113 Aboard Crashes Into City

Space Base in New Zealand Picked to Start Private Trips to Orbit

Tony Abbott close to winning over cabinet and Labor on citizenship laws

Tony Abbott says "We won’t let you back" of dual nationals fighting with terrorist armies

Did Australia Really Pay People Smugglers to Turn Back Boats?

Australia risks being caught in the slipstream between China and the US

Tony Abbott warns child terrorists face prosecution

No welfare savings from Tony Abbott's crackdown on foreign fighters

Amnesty International barred from Australia's detention centres












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